Gate Automation
The manufacturer’s use and installation instructions must be strictly adhered to. All electrical connections are to be carried out by a suitably qualified person.

Handling Goods
The majority of our goods are extremely heavy. Care must be taken in handling all our products, particularly to avoid injury to those using our products.

If manual methods are to be used, the risk to the user must be assessed and suitable help or mechanical assistance should be provided if necessary.

Guidance on Manual Handling assessments can be found on the HSE web site,

Storage of Wooden Gates
Wooden gates are supplied untreated. They should be stored in a sheltered, dry place, until such time that they can be treated and hung.

For safety, both metal and wooden gates should preferably be stored flat. However, if this is not possible and they are stored upright, they must be securely fixed with rope or strong cord, to prevent them falling over and causing injury.

Safety Railheads
All gates and railings within the Rectory and Empire ranges feature our unique safety railheads made from reinforced Aluminium cast from our own patterns.